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Participating in sport is an important process.

Dundee Sport is an online sports store that houses high quality sporting gear at an affordable price. It is owned by the well renowned boxing champion and fitness endorser, Dundee Kim. With his humble beginnings to now owning Brisbane’s most distinguished boxing gym, Dundee Kim is a trustworthy name when it comes to sports equipment.

A brief history about the man, Dundee Kim. Born in a small farm in South Korea, he first came in contact with the art of boxing as a necessity by trying to protect himself from bullies. He began to harness the skills he gained and use it in the boxing ring, which eventually led him to become a two-time amatuer boxing champion. He soon migrated to Australia with little to no knowledge of the culture and language; only having however an immense knowledge of the art of boxing and a passion for fitness equipment – a trait that which he continues to have to this day.


Dundee Kim is more than reputable in other areas as well as the sport of boxing. He became the Associate Director of International Relations, then the Regional Director of International Relations at James Cook University. He eventually became the founder of Dundee’s Boxing & Fitness gym in Brisbane. The gym started off small in the West End, but quickly grew as many of the Australia’s well-known boxing champions such as Anthony Mundine and Jeff Horn began to train there. The gym itself has produced a large number of fitness model champions and boxing medallists and is continuing to help get people back into shape and feeling healthy.

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Dundee Sport is an online sports store and a premium supplier of sporting goods. To fitness equipment, boxing equipment and sports apparel. It has been tested among the greats in the boxing industry and has been proven to greatly improve your training process. Dundee Kim has collaborated with industry professionals and used his own knowledge and experience to determine what products need for training and workout at your highest potential. Many other sporting products ultimately don’t have the users interests in mind, and Dundee Kim being an ex-amateur boxer and fitness model; does know and adds his own personal touch to his boxing and sports products to create high quality equipment for any and all sporting or fitness requirements.

There are a vast amount products in the online sports store that are of highest quality. It includes boxing equipment (boxing gloves online, pads) fitness apparel, sports shoes and much more. All the products are specifically engineered for maximising any training routine and ensure comfort throughout. The equipment is personally tested by people with great experience in the sporting field and uses their own personal opinions as feedback to better the quality.

Fitness Equipment, Boxing Gloves and More

All the products are made in collaboration with OLIVER, a trusted brand in sports equipment and apparel. Dundee Sport has partnered with the major sporting brand because they share the same vision of producing high quality sports equipment to the masses. OLIVER uses only the top coaches and managers to work with and is leading in the field of product technology and their commitment to the development of new techniques. A brand determined to seek innovation; Dundee Sport has a deep connection to this motto and is proud to be affiliated with this brand.

Dundee Sport’s online sports store has all the equipment and apparel that will have a positive effect on the way you train and workout. All the products have been tested and approved by numerous boxing champions and fitness aficionados and has the seal of approval by the man himself, Dundee Kim.